Any enterprise using SonarCloud instead of SonarQube?

Just wanted to check with you and get some insights on why did you choose SonarCloud over SonarQube? Would much appreciate any answer.


this blog posts by Sonarsource might be helpful
Just today i got a mail of Sonarsource with the contents of this page

There is also a link to this blog post on the same topic

My 2 cents
We use Sonarqube Enterprise on prem since 2016.
I work for an insurance company and there are heightened security and data protection requirements,
means Sonarcloud - as other SaaS tools - is no option right now.

With Sonarcloud you will always get the latest features in terms of language scanners … etc.
There’s also a dark mode, that ain’t available for Sonarqube on prem :frowning:
But that also means you have to use Sonarcloud as it comes.
AFAIK there’s no option to use your own plugins with Sonarcloud as i.e. custom rules.

With Sonarqube on prem you’re more flexible, you’ll get support for either the LTS (~ every 18 month)
or the latest version.
We use some additional plugins, i.e. custom rules, means we couldn’t switch to Sonarcloud.



Thanks @Rebse for another exclusive reply. We are also insurance company and I have got the SonarQube Enterprise deployed with this GitHub - vanderby/SonarQube-AzureAppService: Instructions and files to host SonarQube on an Azure App Service without a container., from my previous colleague that left the company, which works like meh and has errors I need to tweak… May I know how SQ is deployed on your end?

Deployed via Zip, running on a dedicated VM (VMWare)

OS Windows Server 2019, 12 cpu, 24G ram, 4 CE worker threads
~ 3600 projects, 530 users, > 12.000.000 loc

DB = MSSQL 2017

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Thanks a lot man!

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