Move License to new server id

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I am currently using embedded Database for Sonar qube and planning to change DB to Oracle database . I have already purchased development license for the current server id and license is also purchased for reporting .

1 .If i change Database from embedded DB to Oracle DB , will that intern change Server id .
2 . How to switch existing license (both SQ development and reporting license ) from current server id to new server id .

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Hi @Vasavi ,
just reach out to your Sales rep, or send the old and new ServerIDs for your different environments to

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Thank you Carine Bayon .
Please may i know how many days it will be needed by support team to change the license to new server id .


It is quick, if you send your email within Geneva working hours.
In case you know you will migrate out of these hours, I would recommend to reach out to your Sales rep to let him/her know and get organised together.


Hi @Carine_Bayon,

We also have same requirement of moving an activated developer license of SonarQube instance to new Azure server. Along with that we are planning to upgrade our sonarqube developer version (8.6) to the latest (8.8).

To request a new license key for the new server id is it mandatory to have a SonarQube support subscription? if support subscription is mandatory what is the alternative for generating new license key to resume the use?

Thanks in advance

Hi @sajans

It’s not really a good practice to ping people namely here, because we all are able to reply to users asking questions on this forum :wink:
That being said, you should just reach out to your sales rep at SonarSource and she/he will be able to help you there, no support contract needed just for changing the license key.


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Thanks for clarifying it Carine