Monorepo support in GitLab


The documentation says the following on which SCMs support the Monorepo model:

Monorepos on GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, and Azure DevOps

Currently, monorepo support is available for GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps and GitLab repositories. Monorepo support is not yet available for GitLab repositories.

So I was wondering, is GitLab supported?

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Hello @chris.forbes.tindeco ,

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Yes, GitLab is supported. This is a small mistake that made it into our documentation.

Hi Martin, thank you for clarifying.

Can I also check whether or not the sonar.project.monorepo.enabled setting is still for Azure DevOps only?


This setting is not required to use monorepos on GitLab. When importing a new project on SonarCloud you can click on “Setup a monorepo” to start using the feature.

We will be moving from GitLab to Azure DevOps in the future. When we set up the new org for our ADO repositories, should the sonar.project.monorepo.enable setting be used? Does it have any purpose?

No, it should not be used either, and is just something that we had before the current feature. I agree that this is a bit confusing, and we’ll make sure to improve this.

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