Support for Gitlab monorepos on self-hosted Sonarqube (Enterprise ed)


We are running Sonarqube 10.2 as an on-prem setup (Enterprise ed) on K8s.

I am having difficulty finding out whether support for monorepo setups exists in self-hosted SQ deployments (as opposed to SonarCloud).
Our setup includes setting up a project-per-repo provisioning, setting up RBAC for dev teams and issuing scan keys to pipelines in SCM (Gitlab).
Currently we’d like support a single monorepo (albeit quite large and important), but all the docs I can find pertain to SonarCloud.
Is there monorepo support for self-hosted SQ or are there plans to implement it?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there.

Yes, SonarQube (enterprise edition) supports monorepos. Since you’re using GitLab, take a look at the Reporting your quality gate status on pull requests in a mono repository section of the Gitlab Integration docs.

Thanks, managed to miss that one.

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