When will monorepo support be available for GitLab? What's the best current workaround?

As stated on this page, monorepo support is not currently available on GitLab. Can anyone tell me when they expect this to be available? It would be extremely useful for the projects I work with. The documentation doesn’t have any timescale.

Secondly, I’m currently trying to set up sonarcloud integration with a project which is a monorepo, with an API and frontend code in it’s repository. Is it possible to do this with a workaround? I see there is some way to set up projects manually, but I’m not sure if that’s possible when they will have to both link back to the same GitLab project key.

We’re using GitLab cloud and SonarCloud.


Hi @jamesprovan, welcome to the community forum.

About monorepo support for Gitlab, the feature is identified on our side, but we don’t have started to work on it yet. I don’t have any date to give you.

About the workaround, you are right, you can setup projects manually on SonarCloud, and use the file inclusions and exclusions to configure the analysis scope (doc). The downside of that approach is that you will lose Merge Request decoration on the manual projects. SonarCloud won’t be able to post comments on your merge requests with the analysis results. If you don’t use that feature, then it will do the job.

If one of the 2 projects has more activity than the other, you can import the project from GitLab and configure the scope of this project accordingly. This project will be properly bound to GitLab and you will benefit from MR decoration. You can then setup another project manually for the other part of the code, without MR decoration.

I’m sorry that I can’t help you more,

Thanks, that was helpful actually. I hope you guys start working on the GitLab monorepo support soon. I’ll buy you a cookie if you do :cookie:


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Hello @Claire_Villard
we are also facing the same issue with GitLab Monorepo as you mentioned. We are getting coverage for the main branch but not for the Merge Request branch with a Monorepo architecture. can you tell me the latest updates that Sonarcloud is supporting mono repo for the GitLab projects with full features?

Hi @ahshanul

The monorepo support is not available for Gitlab yet.
You can vote for the feature here.

Hi @Claire_Villard Thank you for the quick update. We hope it will be available soon. I voted for the monorepo support for GitLab.

Hi! Any news about the Gitlab support?

Hi @Douglas_Picolotto , welcome to the community!

This feature is still on our list, yet I can’t give you any visibility on the delivery date.