Monorepo : Single dashboard/overview


I currently own repositories composed of two modules, sometimes up to +10.
As of today, I’ve enabled the monorepo feature, and each module is well-built separately.
backend APIs, frontend, sdk, messaging, … => Some in java, some in node, and so on…

My concern is I can not have a single/quick view of the quality of my project. (Each modules have a different entry path in sonar)
I am unable to say if my project/software “SoftwareName” quality is better now compared to last 30 days and more.
Unless copy/pasting Reliability, Maintainability, Security, … in a spreadsheet by my own…
Looking to Coverage and Duplications, I need to take into account the number of lines in order to re-create an average. (100% if 100 lines with 90% of 10k lines is not 95%…).

Would it be possible to just have a project acting as an aggregation overview, just for the summary metrics and A to E ranking level.
Then, if we want to go further, we deep dive into the project_id (aka module)?
This is something we already own on a SAST (Static Application Security Testing) tool.

I saw in a past topic (link below) that it is hard to achieve, but I would like to know if it could be part of a backlog anyway?

As mentioned by the guidelines, as the existing thread talking about this topic is old (+2 months), so I’ve started a new one.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and answers.


Hello @lusoalex ,

This is something that we are thinking about for SonarCloud and you can subscribe to the following portal card to get updates on the topic:

I’ve already added your use-case as feedback internally.

Thanks Martin for your answer.
I am now following the portal card.