Monorepo code coverage cards dont include project name or project key

We’re currently using SonarCloud and a rush monorepo with Typescript. From what I understand I need to send coverage results individually to Sonar for analysis. Is that right? What I’ve done is use the matrix feature of GitHub Actions to search for files and extract sonar.projectKey and the folder location of the file. With rush I can execute commands across the monorepo so I can generate all of the coverage with one command but then I use the matrix to upload each project’s result to Sonar. My only issue is the quality gate card from Sonar doesn’t include the projectKey so its hard to know which project each card belongs to. Is there a way to include the project name or key in the results card?

See attached image with project name/ key identifier added

If your projects are configured as a monorepo , the project name should be visible in the summary comment.

Did you setup these projects as a monorepo?