Monorepo summary report in sonarcloud portal

Hi team,


I was wondering if there are plans to develop a screen for monorepos to represent a monorepo project with its corresponding sub-projects/quality gates since currently if we configured a project as a monorepo, the main “project” screen looks like a standard sonarcloud project.

We can’t see a summary page of the subprojects about bugs, code smells, etc in the monorepo sonar page. The only way is to go directly to the sub-project sonarcloud summary page.

It would be nice to have some screen reports specifically for the monorepo project since this is completely different from a standard repository.

Hey there.

Does this precede/supersede your post here? :smiley:

You’re right – in SonarCloud there isn’t an aggregation for monorepos bound to the same repository. It’s an interesting idea, and why I’ve moved your post to Product Manager for a Day

And, (referring to your other post) it should be possible to simply delete the meaningless top-level project that you don’t need anymore.

Hi Colin, thanks for such a quick response. I will be looking forward to this feature request.

Hi @Colin is there any update regarding this request?

This request is related to Monorepo : Single dashboard/overview - #3 by Martin_Bednorz