Update monorepo quality gate based on sub projects quality gates


Hi Team,


So, I have configured a monorepo with a couple of products using sonarcloud, GitHub and github actions. I have a sonar project property file per sub-project and its corresponding quality gate. The monorepo project in sonarcloud portal has associated each sub-sonar-project corresponding to each sub-project. The thing is that I do not have a quality gate in the “monorepo sonar project” because I am not running scans in the monorepo, but instead at a sub-project level. THis is updating the quality gate per sub-project, but the quality gate for the “monorepo” project in sonar is not updating its quality gate based on its sub-projects scans.

How can I update the quality gate in the monorepo project in sonarcloud using the quality gates from each sub-project?

My understanding is that a quality gate in the monorepo is the sum of the quality gates per sub-project, independently that each project is different from the other, all form part of the same repository.


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