Azure Devops Quality Gate Status per pipeline

We are using Sonarcloud with Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines and scanning with the Sonarcloud Extension.

I have a Typescript Project and a .net CoreProject in one Repository which are both being scanned during a Pull Request. When i have both Pipelines make a scan during a PullRequest, only the last one running is Reporting a Quality Gate Status.

In this example, the “SonarUI” Pipeline Quality Gate Succeeded, the “SonarDemo” Quality Gate failed, but only the failed one is reportet, as this one finished last:


Is there a way to have the Quality Gate Status report for each Pipeline?

Hey there.

Make sure your SonarCloud projects are configured as a monorepo so that multiple statuses can be reported on a single pull request.

This will require creating at least 1 new project that you add to an existing repo when you click the “Setup a monorepo” button on the Analyze New Projects page, and deleting an existing one. Stated another way – it’s not possible to add existing projects to a monorepo.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for this Info, you are right!

One Project was already linked with the Repo, so i just had to enable the monorepo flag for both projects!

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