Monorepo with Azure DevOps results in the SonarCloud Quality Status is a stuck "waiting" status

We have a large Azure DevOps Repo that contains several Visual Studio Solutions and Projects. Projects are not shared outside of a Solution folder. In cases where we do need to share code, we’ve created NuGet packages and import those packages into the projects.

In SonarCloud, we have a separate SonarCloud project for each Visual Studio Solution in this repo. Each SonarCloud Project has the monorepo flag set to true/on.

The analysis seems to work however the integration with Azure DevOps Pull Requests doesn’t seem to be working. On the Azure DevOps Pull Request, the SonarCloud Quality Gate status is always stuck in a “waiting” status. We no longer see comments on the code. We have reset the Azure DevOps Personal Access Token multiple times and we don’t think that is the issue. Since the PR is showing that the SonarCloud Quality Gate is in a “waiting” status, an admin has to override the completion of the PR, which is not ideal.

Here is an example task id:
“task”: {
“id”: “”,
“type”: “REPORT”,
“componentId”: “”,
“componentKey”: “DEP-Domain-Consumer”,
“componentName”: “DEP-Domain-Consumer”,
“componentQualifier”: “TRK”,
“analysisId”: “”,
“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“submittedAt”: “2021-03-26T19:15:55+0100”,
“submitterLogin”: “”,
“startedAt”: “2021-03-26T19:15:55+0100”,
“executedAt”: “2021-03-26T19:15:56+0100”,
“executionTimeMs”: 776,
“logs”: false,
“hasScannerContext”: true,
“organization”: “”,
“pullRequest”: “9919”,
“warningCount”: 0,

Removed values are available via direct message.

Note: We have several other SonarCloud Projects that are linked to Azure DevOps repos in a 1:1 scenario and those are not having this issue, so this appears to be a monorepo issue.