Missing email Notification for opwn issues after analysis has run

In SonarQube versions like 5.2 each developer with open issues received a mail after an analysis has run in cases of

  • new issues have been assigned to the developer
  • there are still unresolved issues assigned to the developer

In case of the second option described these mails are not anymore being sent out with the exact same Notification Settings of the user. It is a very useful reminder to the developer that there are still open issues assigned to him if he receives a mail per day, If this was removed on purpose then i would expect one of the options to handle this case.

This is the Notification Settings used:

SonarQube Version: * Version 7.2 (build 13530) (no mails)
SonarQube Version: * Version 5.2 - [LGPL v3] (mails are sent)


Just to double-check, I fired up and instance of 5.2. I find nearly the same list of possible notification types there as you show in 7.2, with the exception of the Background task failure notification, which was added since 5.1. My point is that there was never a “daily reminder of open issues” notification. Whatever mechanism was firing those in your 5.2 instance was likely a bug, although I can’t point you to a relevant Jira ticket.


thanks for the quick answer,
i’m a little afraid this was probably a nice bug.
It was most likely firing the “Changes in issues assigned to me” trigger after each analysis.

You can see the missing functionality? with the current notification options available i’ll never receive a kind of reminder mail for issues assigned to me until i physically check the via web interface.

Hi Patrik,

I understand your desire to nag your developers. I wonder though how the developers felt about being nagged. Have you asked how many of them filtered these notifications?

We’re not likely to do this intentionally in the future because it really doesn’t work with the Clean as You Code methodology: i.e. focus on keeping the code in front of you clean - don’t add new issues and if there are existing issues take that opportunity to clean them up.

If your team is doing that,

  • all the old issues should be cleaned up eventually and new ones shouldn’t be added (often)
  • there’s no need to nag people about old issues.

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Ann,
Yes of course i understand. Please consider this closed.

Thank you