Missing DLL files in teamcity

I am using sonarqube’s 7.2.1 version and i have integrate with Teamcity and I am also using sonarqube-scanner for msbuild and its version is and back-end development is in C#(.Net visual studio).

Now my question is like that i have configured my required dlls file in my .csproj file so that dlls are also fetching from the my server but i have not configured any sonar’s dlls file in my .csproj file.And when i run build from Git or something like triggers than error comes like missing this sonar’s dll but my question is that why this error is coming and when i re-build from my Teamcity portal then this error will automatically gone and my project builds complete successful without any error.

I am also attaching that screenshot of that error so anyone can understand this problem.

And i also want to know that if you see this dlls name that i havent configure that in my any file so kindly help me into that.


Is there any solution regarding this kindly help me.