Migration from SonarQube community edition to SonarQube Developer edition

Currently using sonarQube and it is been setup with community edition (sonarqube:7.6-community)in container hosted in azure linux web app and azure PostgreSQL db. For branching policy want to migrate to Developer Edition. How to convert the sonarcommunity edition to developer edition? Can the existing setup be reconfigured for developer edition? Requirement is to change the sonarqube version without changing the URL and project keys which is already in use.
Also in the existing community edition have added ad plugin and other extension to solve specific project realted issues. Can the same be reused in developer edition?
Any quick help or suggestion would be appreciated.


All you have to do is

  • download a Developer Edition bundle (I’d recommend the 7.9 LTS version, which was just released last week)
  • configure it to point to your database
  • provide the extra plugins you’re using (check the Plugin Version Matrix for the lastest compatible versions rather than automatically copying over the versions you used with your 7.6 Community Edition)
  • shut down your Community Edition
  • spin up spin your Developer Edition

Assuming you did choose the upgrade, you’ll need to fire off the DB migration (details in the upgrade guide), and then you’ll need to log in as an administrator and provide the License Key you previously obtained.