Migration from community sonarqube to developer edition sonarcloud


First of all, sorry if the category is wrongly chosen.

We’re talking our current project into really leveraging the possibilities of Sonar with developer version. On top of that, we’re investigating to move from self hosted to the cloud version.

However, with our current self hosted :
1/ We’re using plugins to enable custom languages support.
I’ve read “plugins are not supported”, but is there any ability of adapting/customizing the rules still ?

2/ We’re using SAML authentication from Azure AD to manage users from our centralized SSO. Some Azure documentation seems to confirm it’s feasible, but i haven’t found confirmation in sonar cloud documentation.

I can’t subscribe to the 15 days trial to discover it myself before making a concrete proposals, so a feedback from experience would be gladly welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,

Clément du Jardin

Hey @Clement_du_Jardin

It’s possible to customize parameterized rule (for example, changing a specific regular expression or threshold), but otherwise you would need to rely on external issue reports or generic issue data for any additional rules.

Can you confirm which DevOps platform (GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Gitlab) you would be using with SonarCloud?