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Our organization uses sonarqube for code scanning and report generation. We would like to migrate to sonarcloud . I have also tried free version of sonarcloud and upgraded my plan to 1m LOC. I have some questions for my use case.

  1. Is it possible to migrate data from sonarqube to sonarcloud ?
  2. can we host sonarcloud in united states?
  3. Is sonarcloud hippa-complaint or soc2 complaint ?
  4. Is saml/sso authentication feature available in sonarcloud ?

I will be appreciative for your response on this topic/ticket.


  1. Also wanted to know, when I integrated sonarcloud with gitlab , it automatically pulled some users and made them admin without manually selecting users . In what scenario and how it happen?


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Sorry, no.

SonarCloud is hosted in the EU.

We don’t host your user/customer/patient data, so there’s really no need. We do have some developer information, but essentially only a subset of what you’ve already given the DevOps platform you log in with.

Authentication is already delegated to GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket cloud.

The users were admins in GitLab.


Hi Ann, Thank you so much for your response.

We understood all topic responses , except last one .

So here is the scenario, I logged in to sonarcloud through gitlab integration and imported our organization. Once imported , I saw three other users as admin of sonarcloud , but those are not admins in gitlab. Is it possible , if those users have any time tried exploring sonarcloud through same organization previously and because of that when I am trying to import it through a different username , I see them as well present in members list ???

And if importing organization fetches all users, I do not see more than 4 users part of sonarcloud.
I believe , unless and until users do not try login to Sonarcloud using gitlab , they will not be part of SonarCloud . Is that correct way of thinking ?

I appreciate your response.


Hi Anjali,

I’m not sure at this point. Can you create a separate thread just for this admin users question, please?


Thank you so much for your response @ganncamp .

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