Migrate SonarQube to Azure/AWS

I am working with SonarQube Community Edition and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

I am considering in Migrating it into the latest version available (Community Edition).

At this moment I have 2 options: Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Do I need to have any special concerns about this? I mean, is the procedure the same that we would expect to do if I was going to migrate it into another server? Or is it different because it will be done for a cloud service (Azure/AWS)?

Hello Hugo,

In general, hosting a SonarQube instance on Azure or AWS is no different than hosting it on your own on-premise hardware. Just keep in mind that:

  1. The latency between the server and the database should be low for optimal performances, so verify that and adjust the zones in which you deploy if needed
  2. As your instance will likely be exposed to incoming trafic from the Internet, you probably will not want to rely on the default admin/admin credentials!
  3. and that’s about it for the potential differences…

Note that you might be interested in saving yourself the maintenance of your instance by simply relying on SonarCloud.io.

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