Redeploying Sonarqube


We currently have a sonarqube installation which is based off the back of a web application deployment in Azure.

My aim is to re-deploying the Sonarqube installation using other hosting methods, from the research I have done VM is possible. We do have a virtual machine which is used for name resolution only hosted in Azure, this VM is windows based.

My question is this, what are my options when it comes to a redeployment of sonarqube?
Can I use an existing windows VM ?
My requirement is for a lost cost solution, a solution that can be deployed as infrastructure as code, hosted in Azure, supported deployment and one that will be straightforward to upgrade.

I am able to deploy sonarqube on an ACI instance, however that has no https support which is an issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there. SonarQube is platform-independent and can indeed be installed on a Windows-based VM, however, we suggest deploying to a dedicated VM as SonarQube can consume some resources. Take a look at the documented requirements

Thanks for the reply, I have looked at the deployment options. There is an option that isnt widely documented and this involves running Sonarqube as a docker container, saving the container on Azure container registry and then creating an Azure web application that runs sonarqube on that container and uses a managed SQL instance.

My requirement here is to run Sonarqube entirely on a PaaS offering without any infrastructure to manage.

Would be an option for you? That’s zero infrastructure, or PaaS! Just a SaaS.

Thanks for the reply, would like to host this within our subscription but PaaS.