What are the best practices to setup Sonarqube in Azure Environment?

Hello, I want to set up sonarqube for a project, where code analysis would be done in Azure Devops.

Wanted to know best ways to setup sonarqube in Azure and also had following questions ?

  1. Should i use Windows or Linux VM to host sonarqube ? Or is there a way to host it without a VM ?
  2. Any alternative to using Azure SQL DB ?

Also, Please share if there are any good documentations or steps to follow while setting up. Couldn’t find any good documentation.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there.

You should use the operating system / deployment method you’re most comfortable with. Your options are laid out in the Install the Server documentation (running it on a VM or running it from a Docker image). If you find any gaps or have questions, let us know.

The Requirements documentation list 4 supported database platforms – Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle.