MetadataFilePath shows different while analysis and Publish causing build breaker task to fail

P.S.: use the #bug:fault sub-category if you’re hitting a specific crash/error , or the #bug:fp sub-category for rules-related behavioursonarqube.txt (2.0 MB)

error Observed:
Report path by default should be

But Observed Written to
Report metadata written to D:\a\1.sonarqube\out.sonar\report-task.txt

Publish Quality Gate and Build Breaker task is trying to find the File “sonar.scanner.metadataFilePath” but says 0 matches.
Attachment shows the logs. We have Publish Quality gate and Build Breaker task Which can’t find the file in temp folder due to which build doesn’t fail as expected.

  • steps to reproduce
    Run the Build with Debug mode Enabled.

  • potential workaround
    Ideally the file should be published under temp folder and Sonarqube and build breaker task should look in the same location


Version 4.8.0 of the extension has been release and should fix this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.