Maximum groups for an user

On SonarCloud, the maximum group that an user could be member of , is capped at 45?

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That shouldn’t be the case. Where are you seeing this?

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i am the company administrator for SonarCloud within my organization.
While manage my organization, i went to Members , search for an user, and click manage groups, then tried to add the user to groups.
i manage to select as much group as i want, but after i refresh the page, it shows that user is selected for 25 groups, under “Manage groups”. and on the members list, that user appears to be member of 45 groups.

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It looks like a bug on the frontend. GET api/users/groups returns 25 results by default, and I guess we forgot to page through the rest of the results. I’ll flag this for attention.

Your users have been added to the groups, however. The number shown next to the user on the Members tab is correct. They just aren’t represented well on the select form.

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Yup, that make sense. thanks for your action.


Thank you for raising this issue, just a quick update from our side. We are currently working on a way in which to handle this case you have raised in a clean way to ensure a much better experience. I will follow up with a further update once the change has been publicised, however I wanted to let you know. If you have any further issues on this side in the mean time please message and we will be happy to assist.


Just to make you aware it should now be possible to handle these actions in production, if you experience any further issues please let us know.

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