Marketplace has wrong links to issue tracker


just a small one, when updating the Git SCM Provider for Sonarqube, i noticed the ‘Issue tracker’ link
points to Log in with Atlassian account
But this link redirects to Jira Service Management

Service has been migrated
The URL you are using is not valid anymore. To provide you a better service, our Support portal has been migrated to
See you there,
The SonarSource Support team.

Seems to affect all issue tracker links, whereas the ‘Homepage’ links i checked are valid.
Maybe this is already fixed in Sonarqube 8.0, but i found no related Jira ticket.


Hi Gilbert,

This link works for me (even after I log out of Jira). Given where you’re redirected to, I suspect it has something to do with your being logged in to our Jira with a “customer” account. There’s something in service desk (honestly I thought our recent Jira upgrade had taken care of this) that means you have to log out before you can see normal Jira tickets.


Hi Ann,

hm, i’m not logged in Sonarsource Jira with this browser instance (= Edge)
Even after clearing the browser cache, the redirect remains.
Whereas another browser instance (=IE11) running in Citrix works right - with and without being logged in to Sonarsource Jira. So all fine, guess it’s because of different permissions / policies.