JIRA plugin alternate for connecting jira to sonarqube

Is there any alternate plugin for jira because previous jira plugin is deprecated? Is there any alternate solution for integrating sonarqube issues to jira?


I’m not aware of any such plugin.


Hi Vicky,

Just discovered this community, so sorry for the late response.

We are using SonarQube Connector for Jira, available at Atlassian Marketplace. It works really great!

Hope this helps



Hi @RR87,

I appreciate your response but we are looking for open source solution for the same.

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Generally speaking it’s worth noting that tracking SonarQube issues into Jira is not something we (at SonarSource) consider as a good practice. There’s a good insight on this in this blog post: Stop planning; fix the leak!. It dates back from 2 years, so the details are maybe not up-to-date, but some essential pieces remain:

Let’s say you’re using JIRA in your company. When you link an issue to JIRA, the SonarQube integration automatically creates a ticket for that issue. So if you want to keep track of 100 issues, you’ll end up with 100 JIRA tickets that aren’t really actionable (you just have a link back to SonarQube to identify every single issue) polluting your backlog. What’s even worse is that when an issue gets fixed in the code, it will be closed during the next SonarQube analysis, but the corresponding ticket in JIRA will remain open! Anyway, issues in the SonarQube server and tickets in JIRA just don’t have the same granularity.

And in some special cases where you still wish to create one Jira ticket for addressing a bunch of specific tickets, then I would recommend tagging these issues with a common tag, that way you can link them all at once, and reference that in your Jira ticket.


Hi @NicoB,

I appreciate your response. I am well aware about concept of fix the leak but there are couple of situation where we want to keep jira in flow.

Your welcome Vicky. Hope you find a proper solution for your case.

Hi @NicoB

Many thanks for your comment. I could’nt agree more. Developers are well aware of the issues to solve on SonarQube and the tool provides perfect environment for them to start working and improving code quality.

However, as you say there are some special cases. In my company not every member of the team necesarily checks SonarQube and fix issues, but are project managers who track the process, time, team contributors and evaluate multiple projects. And they do that from Jira, where they can easily spot state of developments not even accessing SonarQube as they do not need to.

I think the app I recommended is different to the Jira Plugin you are talking about precisely in that. I truly hope new versions introduce new functionalities and stay under ‘fix the leak’ approach.


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Hi All,

Any idea how to tag specific issue in a project with customized tag name ?
Suppose i want to tag a issue in a project with the next release name(15.2-fix) and other issue with other coming release(15.4-fix) in same project.