Integration between JIRA Cloud and SonarCloud doesn't seem to function

Hello Sonar Community.

I’m the JIRA admin for our organization, and I’m the one responsible for integrations between JIRA and 3rd party services. We use SonarCloud (paid), and JIRA Cloud - and we’ve installed the Jira connector app - however, none of it seems to function after setting the URL and tokens.

Following along with the documentation on the SonarCloud site, there are some screenshots of widget settings that don’t actually match what is in JIRA, and after a fair bit of poking around in SonarCloud setup documentation, I haven’t found anything that is clearly JIRA focused.

Have any of you managed to make the two apps talk together? We do not use bitbucket, we simply want vulnerabilities and bugs to be reflected in JIRA so our development teams can be made aware of the issues found by SonarCloud, without having to navigate SonarCloud’s bug interface.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there. Excentia supports the SonarQube Connector for Jira, so for any support needs you probably should reach out to them.

That said, we tend to discourage this kind of integration one we used to maintain ourselves) There’s a good insight on this in this blog post: Stop planning; fix the leak! . It dates back from a few years, so the details are maybe not up-to-date, but some essential pieces remain:

Let’s say you’re using JIRA in your company. When you link an issue to JIRA, the SonarQube integration automatically creates a ticket for that issue. So if you want to keep track of 100 issues, you’ll end up with 100 JIRA tickets that aren’t really actionable (you just have a link back to SonarQube to identify every single issue) polluting your backlog. What’s even worse is that when an issue gets fixed in the code, it will be closed during the next SonarQube analysis, but the corresponding ticket in JIRA will remain open! Anyway, issues in the SonarQube server and tickets in JIRA just don’t have the same granularity.

And in some special cases where you still wish to create one Jira ticket for addressing a bunch of specific tickets, then I would recommend tagging these issues with a common tag, that way you can link them all at once, and reference that in your Jira ticket.

Thank you Colin! I’ll reach out to Excentia for support. I appreciate the quick reply!