Our Jira projects are moving!

Hi all,

You may be aware that end-of-life is coming up for self-hosted Jira, and Atlassian is encouraging customers to move to their cloud.

So we plan to migrate our Jira projects in the first half of June, and that may have an impact on you.

Because of licensing limitations, we must now limit our Jira users to just the people who work for Sonar. This means community members will no longer be able to watch / vote / comment on issues in our Jira projects.

That doesn’t mean we don’t still want your input! We totally do!

So what should you do instead? For comments on existing Jira tickets, please open a thread here in the community (or contribute to the one someone else already opened). Ideally, the thread title will start with the ticket number to make the connection easy.

And of course for new features, please contribute to our ProductBoards:

Ann & Colin & all of Sonar

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