Main branch change after upgrading from community to enterprise edition

Sonarqube upgrade from 8.9.0-community to 8.9.9-enterprise
User complains that the main branch was set to “master”,where it was “develop”.
And the users cannot see the recent projects report on the home page.

Are the above changes coming from enterprise edition change or am I missing some important step to be followed after migration?

Thanks in advance.


Hey there.

There shouldn’t be any change from changing edition – so I suspect the issue is coming from somewhere else.

Can you ask the user to provide more details (such as screenshots demonstrating the issue)? Or better that they come to this Community and speak to the issue themselves.

Sure. I will contact the user

We were analyzing “develop” branch. “Overall status”, “Coverage” and etc pages were showing data for this branch.
Now when we moved to enterprise edition all pages are shown for “master”. I know how to change it for every single project, but I prefer not to do this. I would prefer to change it globally

@Colin could you please assist in this case?