Migration from Sonarqube Community Edition to Enterprise Edition: keeping branches analysis data

Hi, we have planned to migrate our 8.9.10 LTS Sonarqube Community Edition to the latest 9.9.0 LTS version first, and next, migrate from Community Edition to Enteprise Edition because we need to use and get the benefits of Enterprise Edition features.

Our main doubt is that until now, we have been using the Community Branch Plugin to emulate the branches and pull requests analysis capability of Enterprise Edition. Now, when we will upgrade to latest LTS Enteprise Edition, we have to keep all the branches and pull requests analysis (hundreds of analysis) of all our projects and repos that we have analyzed in the previous years.

So the question is: if we upgrade from Community to Enterprise Edition, ¿the results and measures of the older branches and pull requests analysis will be available in the new edition? ¿Or, in the other hand, we need to import projects with “Project move” feature in Enterprise Edition instance to don’t lose that data?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey there.

As the maintainer of this plugin states on their GitHub page:

If you plan on migrating your SonarQube data to a commercial edition after using this plugin then please be aware that this may result in some or all of your data being lost due to this compatibility of this plugin and the official SonarQube branch features being untested.

We aren’t aware of any issues… but we also don’t test this. I would suggest upgrading a non-production copy of your production dataset and testing the functionality (viewing results, and pushing updates to existing branches/pull requests).

Hi Colin, and thanks for your quick answer,

We were expecting to do this, upgrading our Sonarqube Community instance of our testing environment to the Enterprise Edition instance and try out if the branches/pull requests data keep alive.


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