SonarQube migration from Community Edition to Developer Edition


I would like to ask about some questions, related to migration concept from CE to DE.
There are multiple projects, which need to be combine into one with branch analysis.

  1. Is there something similar like “project move” feature from EE in DE?
  2. If no, it means that we can’t move projects, right? In such situation we need to start from a scratch, by analyzing branch after branch, right?
  3. How to keep SonarQube settings from CE and load them after migration into DE (ex. users, groups, etc.)? Is it possible at all?

Thanks for the feedback.


There is no branch consolidation feature. If you really want to, you should be able to use the sonar.projectDate parameter to re-create your branch history, but I warn you now that this can be painful and tedious.

Regarding re-loading things after the edition upgrade, there’s no need. You’ll simply expand the DE bundle (or on 6.7 install the DE bundle) and point it at the same database you were using for CE. Everything after that is seamless.