Copy sonarqube project - take a copy of project 'A' to 'B'


I am looking for some information on how to copy a project into another in sonarqube.
I am on 7.9 and using the community version.
I came across some documentation that talks about exporting/importing projects, but looks like that comes with enterprise edition.
Is there some way to achieve what I want?

Hey there.

Project import is indeed only available in Enterprise Edition (while on the very latest versions it’s possible to export from any edition).

Perhaps you can explain what’s triggering the move – why is the project changing SonarQube options, so we can suggest the best option for you.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for responding.
so, my requirement is we have a master branch, and they run analysis on it and sometimes we want to run the analysis on the branch to see our code quality, but we dont want to results to get uploaded to sonar. I think currently there is no way to do that.
so , I am looking for an alternate way like, make a copy of the master project, and run analysis and upload results to that “copy project” and once we are okay with the code, we will upload the results for this new code to master branch.
Now, I am aware that sonarlint does the same thing, but we dont want to do any extra work there to have custom rules as we already have custom plugins for the same with sonarqube(I am not even aware if we can add custom rules in soanrlint)

Hey there.

It sounds like you really need Branch analysis (Developer Edition and above).

You can always pass a new project key to sonar.projectKey and have a duplicate project created (this is how branch analysis worked before we made it nice), but it wont have details from your other project like issues marked as false-positive, issue assignments, etc.