Login problems with LDAP users

Sonarqube: Enterprise Edition Version 8.9.9 (build 56886)

since a few weeks we have often noticed problems accessing Sonarqube with LDAP users (no problems with Sonarqube local users).
Sometimes after trying for a long time it gives the message “Authentication failed”, other times it just gets stuck.
Often trying again after a few minutes you are able to log in, sometimes you fail for a long time.
In recent days, the situation seems to have worsened.
We haven’t made changes to LDAP and other softwares working properly with LDAP users.
Is there something we can check to understand the problem?

Hey there.

I would suggest checking the web.log file of your SonarQube installation to understand more about the authentication failures. You can ratchet up the log level in your global Administration > System > Log Level

We have analyzed the log and it seems to be an application problem:
-I try to login
-sonarqube contact dc for ldap login
-ldapsearch times out

  • after a few minutes it recovers the data and allows the login.

The problems started after installing the latest LTS ( but it still turns out to be the latest released so we can’t update.

Do you have any ideas to solve the problem?