LDAP doesn't work with sonarqube 8.9.6

We just migrated from 7. 1 to 8.9.6 via LTS 7.9.6

Login via LDAP is not working. Do we have any LDAP plugin supporting for it? Any doc to do this integration ?


Congrats on your upgrade! You’re going to love the updated features. :smiley:

This should work. The plugin you used in previous versions has been integrated into core by 8.9. What behavior/errors are you seeing?


Thanks for reply Ann.

Yeah i see compatible plugin matrix and got to know LDAP is also one of the plugin which has been bundled. while checking access.log it just come up with 401 while login using LDAP credential.

However, I had checked LDPA configuration exist in sonar.properties.


Can you turn your server logging up to DEBUG and see what kind of messages you get when you try to authenticate?


Yeah, I enabled DEBUG for below property

i am tailing my access logs on login via LDAP user it shows nothing in the log. Logs says ok while login happens via admin user.

Do we need to add anything to LDAP server side as well?


Is your admin user authenticated via LDAP or is it a local SonarQube user? Can you try logging in with an LDAP account & see what shows up in the DEBUG logs?


Admin is basically local sonarqube user.

Yeah when i do login via LDAP unfortunately nothing shows in logs …


To be sure, you’ve got the server logging turned up to DEBUG while you log try to log in with an LDAP account?


Yes ! but it applies more specific to sonar.log

tail -f sonar.log gives me DEBUG mode .

Do we need them for access.log right to see LDAP logs ?
Is there any specific property to enable them specific to access.log as well?

I just tried enabling DEBUG mode for web logs…

i see the below logs now.

[auth.event] login failure [cause|No active user for login][method|FORM][provider|LOCAL|local][IP||][login|MY_LDAP_USER]


So this sounds like a question of your LDAP configuration. Unlike many other settings, LDAP configuration lives in the $SONARQUBE-HOME/conf/sonar.properties file. Did you copy those values from your old configuration to the new one?

And if so, I’d suggest testing/double-checking your LDAP configuration using a 3rd-party LDAP client.


was able to make it. Thank you Ann

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