LDAP SonarQube 8.1 not connect

Hello guys,

Good morning, I’m testing AD integration with sonarQube. I configured sonar.properties, and web.log write that connected OK, but I don’t access sonarqube with AD authentication.

Someone know resolve it.

PS: in attachment is log files.

Hey there.

Looks like the LDAP connection is fine, so I imagine once the server is up you can’t login?

Best debugging path is to turn on DEBUG level logs (sonar.log.level in your sonar.propeties file, or at the Gloval *Administration > System > Log Level) and attempt logins. Details about the failed attempts will show up in your web.log file.

All the LDAP configuration parameters are just being passed to an ldapsearch query (no special SonarQube logic) so if you need to debut your configuration, just trying out ldapsearch on a UNIX machine can be really handy (google is your friend here)


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Thank you Colin,
I will get help with my team AD, the log recorded that did not found my user on AD server.

Hey Colin,sonar(onlyAD).properties.txt (3.0 KB) sonar(onlyAD).properties.txt (3.0 KB) access.log.txt (5.9 KB) sonar(onlyAD).properties.txt (3.0 KB) web.log.txt (6.6 KB)

I tested the configurations with Ad Team, but we don’t find anything the error.
The logs show that doesn’t find the user. I believe that my sonar.properties have some errors.

Can you help me, please.

At moment we are configuring only path to my user, but my company have more than 20 OUs with users, and we will need to know how configure in this cenario.

Now is only Homologation.