License usage endpoint taking too long, is this supposed to happen?

SonarQube - Docker - Enterprise Edition

Our company has more than 9K projects, we’re trying to improve our project housekeeping rules, e.g. decide which projects should be removed or not from SonarQube due to a long period without analysis.
When requesting to /api/projects/license_usage, I have to wait for a really long time for an answer. Haven’t got one yet. Is it a normal behaviour for it to take so long?
Also, why isn’t there a place in SonarQube’s UI that shows the exact information displayed by this endpoint in a more organized view? It’d be really useful from a administrative perspective.

Thanks in advance for your attention! Have a good day!


We’ve fixed a performance problem in this query and addressed it in 10.0 (you would, of course, what to jump to 10.3, the current version), with no current plans to backport.

That said, this API was added in the 9-series with the intent to be called by admins very sporadically, so we don’t expect lightning performance from it.

Ehm… That’s a fair question. There used to be. It got removed for… reasons.


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