Analysis became 10 times slower from 9.9 LTS to 10.1

Versions currently using

  • SonarQube 10.1 Community
  • Sonar CLI 4.7.0 for triggering the analysis in CI/CD
  • Plugins: none

How is SonarQube deployed
Docker in a Linux host


Previously, I had SonarQube 9.9 LTS installed in a self-hosted machine. The analysis of my project was taking around 4 minutes. In May, I upgraded SonarQube to version 10.0. With the same project, the analysis started taking around 16 minutes. In July, I upgraded again to version 10.1, hoping that it would speed up the analysis time. However, it became much worse. It is now taking around 45 minutes, which makes it impossible for us to block merge requests based on SonarQube analysis, since it’s taking so much time. This is currently a blocker for us to evaluate the paid version.

Project description

The project being analyzed is mostly JavaScript and TypeScript, with some minor Python code (around ~1%)

What are you trying to achieve
Have the pipeline analysis finished in the time it took in SonarQube 9.9 LTS: ~4 mins

What have you tried so far to achieve this

Followed the requirements stated in prerequisites documentation. No improvements

Other notes
We have other projects that did not have a noticeable slowdown between versions upgrade


Welcome to the community!

It sounds like more than one thing changes between 9.9 and 10.1…? Did you try running SonarQube on the self-hosted machine? Because network latency between SonarQube and its DB can have an impact.

Is the project you have a problem with particularly large? And/or with a lot of issues? Duplications?



Sorry for the confusion about the changes between 9.9 and 10.1. The only change was the version itself, the host is still the same, and the DB is in the same host as the SonarQube instance, so network latency shouldn’t be an issue.

The project is 186k lines of code, not sure if that is particularly large or not :D, but the other project that has no issues is around 130k LOC, so it isn’t much of a difference. In terms of issues and/or duplications, it’s not very far from the project that has no issues with slowdown.


Thanks for the clarifications. Can you further clarify, please: is the duration increase on the scanner side, the server side, or both? And if the scanner side: