Licencing Question - multiple Sonarcloud licences against a single Azure DevOps organisation?

One part of our company purchased a 1m LOC licence a couple of months ago. When looking to see if we could use that licence (enterprise-wide) or purchase our own, we were advised the following…

“The customer can only use 1 x SonarCloud license per ALM and cannot share the license across multiple directorates (unless it is part of the same ALM / project)”

This led our department to procure our own 1m LOC licence which is now complete.

However, our company has set up Azure Devops to be a single organisation (with multiple projects) and I am unable to find a way to apply our licence key to the same Azure Devops organisation that has already been set up by the other department.

Is there a way to have multiple licences linked to a single Azure Devops Organisation linked to a single organisation?

If not, is there way to merge the two licences into a single one or discuss alternative options?

Many thanks

Hi Rob,

Thank you for getting in touch.

A SonarCloud organization can be mapped to only one Azure DevOps organization. A SonarCloud subscription can’t be shared between multiple organizations.

From what I read, you are using the same Azure Devops organization, so you will need to use the same SonarCloud organization. In fact, you can’t have two SC organizations out of a single Azure DevOps organization.

Just import your projects under the existing SC org.

Hope this helps.

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