Multiple organisations import in Azure DevOps

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps

Our company has multiple teams working on multiple systems. Each team is defined as an organisation within Azure DevOps. A license was bought, only to discover afterwards that we cannot import multiple orginsations under the same plan. We as a company is new to SonarCloud. Does a plugin or method exist where we can import these multiple teams/organisations into SonarCloud under the same plan?

Any help in this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I am also looking for an answer for this question please

I’ve the same problem.
Is there any solution?

We haven’t found a solution yet. For two teams we are sharing the same organsation. It is a bit of a mess running multiple repo’s for each of them in SonarCloud. It has been 5 months, either no-one has a solution or no-one is looking at this ticket.

What I can suggest is to use the roles/members and attempt to segregate the projects for each team, assigning rights to each project.