Legal concern - Custom rules plugin based on the provided template

I’m working on a plugin with custom Sonar rules and plan to open source it and publish it to the Marketplace once it is finished.

The code is based on the template provided by SonarSource (although an older version then the one linked, as development started awhile back) - Template

The question I have is of a legal matter. I’m wondering if it’s fine to use this template as a basis for the plugin I plan to open source later. I assume I would need to retain the same licence lgpl-3.0 (which would be fine by me), but I am wondering if it’s also fine to make changes in the template the way it suits me in the development of the plugin.
I assume this would be fine, but I am not a legal expert so it would be great if somebody who is more knowledgeable on the subject could please confirm this.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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Hi @martin_ecxio

This is a very interesting question, especially since the code moved to the SonarJava. I’m pretty sure we do not intend to put any restriction on this template, but I will forward your request to our legal team. It may be interesting to clarify that in the README and also in files headers.


Hi @Julien_HENRY

Thank you very much for the help.
Please let me know if you get any response.

Hi @martin_ecxio ,

If you plan to keep the existing license (LGPLv3) and redistribute sources of your changes, there is in fact no doubt that you are allowed to do so (this is the point of the LGPL license).

Now if you intend to change the license/own the copyright of your plugin, then it is also ok for us, but this is not obvious currently, and we should make it more explicit I guess.

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Hi @martin_ecxio,
We have updated the license to MIT No Attribution for the java-custom-rules-example project.
Thanks for the feedback,


Hi @Julien_HENRY, @alban.auzeill
Thank you very much for your help and the quick follow-up with the changes.


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