Question about license and custom plugin (GPL3 vs LGPL3)

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We are developing a new custom plugins project. For curious, the project is : cnumr/ecoCode: Reduce the environmental footprint of your software applications with this cutting-edge sonarQube plugin (

The default license was put under GPL3 but we are starting a debate about viability of this one.
We are looking at Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation to find answers.
Sonarqube is under LGPL3. If we are looking matrix, we conclude that usage of sonarqube+plugin is a OK: Combination is under GPLv3 [8].

So we aren’t expert license, it’s an acceptable situation ? In the future, can we use the marketplace?
I find this other plugin under GPL3 sonarqube-community-branch-plugin. So if we have to put the project under LGPL3 to compatibilty with sonarqube apps… what the difference with them ?

For my point of view, there is no problem. Because, it’s compatible. The GPL3 protects the project if someone decide to fork or to use our project outside our intentional usage.
I find this definition that’s resume what i have actually understand.

Whenever changes are made under GPL license, source codes are required and changes must also be licensed under GPL, while LGPL may allow non-GPL programs to link to libraries but must still provide source code

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I’m no license expert either. But if you’re asking about eventual inclusion in the Marketplace, the requirement is that the license be " a known FLOSS one (check the list provided by the Open Source Initiative)"

So as long as the license is on that list, and GPL3 is, then you’re good.


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