Basic Error in SonarQube Plugin

I’m trying to use a custom Java template plugin ( without any changes in my SonarQube. When i add the plugin, the SonarQube application drop, without leaving any erro message. What i did is:
1- download the project
2- run the command “mvn clean install”
3- past the created .jar in extesion\plugin

What did I do wrong?

obs: For the documentation, and the fast reading on the solution, I’ve understand that already exist other rules, and this way it should already work.


Hello @LucasVilelaDev,

Actually sonar-custom-rules-examples contains 6 plugins example, for 6 different languages.
Which one did you try?

Hello, Antoine.

I try on java plugin, for the version


The custom-rules-examples plugin for java relies on latest release of our Java Analyzer.

Make sure that you also have version 6.3 (latest release) of the SonarSource Analyzer for Java installed on your SQ instance. Check it out here if you can not get it directly from your SQ admin panel: