Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AYq0GQ1Gwg8ddB2oQfsg"

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For this project, the Automatic Analysis for .NET is enabled and the scanned is passed without file and Lines changed is always 0. After adding file into the root directory of the project, the scan keeps failing and failed Analysis ID is “AYq0GQ1Gwg8ddB2oQfsg”. file is in the root directory of the project and sonar.sources and sonar.test is as following:

sonar.sources= workspace/apps,workspace/libs,backend/services.plr-intake/Data/,backend/services.plr-intake/PlrIntakeConfiguration.cs,backend/services.plr-intake/Program.cs,backend/webapi/Extensions/,backend/webapi/Models/,backend/web-api/PidpConfiguration.cs,backend/webapi/Program.cs,backend/webapi/Startup.cs


Hey there.

I forked the develop branch of your project and received an analysis with 44k Lines of Code (and issues identified)

What am I missing?