Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AYbbvwfcbOum-OXeI5qX"

Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AYbbvwfcbOum-OXeI5qX”

Hi Martin,
And welcome to our community!

It seems like I can’t find your analysis ID in our logs.

Could you tell me when it failed more precisely?

And can you also share the following information:

  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps)
  • CI system used (Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, Travis CI, Circle CI
  • Languages of the repository
  • If the SonarCloud project is public, the URL
  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps) => Github
  • Languages of the repository => Typescript

We got another ID
Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AYbl5bNJRjTyDbNyXNB7”

Thanks, I was able to find it this time.
It seems like you are using an invalid value for your sonar.tests property.

Do you have a customs value for your sonar.tests property in your file ?

Our properties are:


may you could share some advice?


Ok so indeed there is probably an issue, your paths all start with a / which means you are going at the root of whatever machine the scan is running on. You paths should be relative to the root of the project, in your example it should probably be


You can find more information on how to configure these fields here: Analysis Scope | SonarCloud Docs

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