Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AY1f1YjVbByQyXnUrfdS"

I’m getting repeated failures on one specific GitHub repo. It fails on SonarCloud and the result is never reported to GitHub.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The new Analysis ID.


The type of analysis you are using.

Automatic analysis

The UTC time when the analysis was executed.

1 Feb 2024 5:57 UTC

Hello @bsup,
Welcome to the community!

We’ve been experiencing some issues with our JS/TS analyzer since the beginning of this week.

We are working to mitigate these problems within the next week. I’ll keep you updated once the fix is in place.

Thank you.


Thanks Tommy, I appreciate it. I ran another analysis earlier today and it’s still failing. Do you know if the issue has been resolved?

The new Analysis ID is “AY2dCYyjW_xhDIMazU6h”

Hello @bsup

We are currently addressing an issue within our TS/JS analysis process. The issue we’re encountering is specific to a certain JS/TS project and it is quite challenging. Our team is continuously working on investigating it.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you encounter a similar issue in any other projects, please do not hesitate to inform us.


Hello @bsup,

what encoding are you using for your source code? Can you please confirm all files are on UTF8?


Hi @victor.diez

I had a look and all files except for 3 are UTF-8 encoded. I added them to sonar.exclusions but it didn’t seem to work. Are you seeing anything your side that might help?

The new Analysis ID is “AY2hSd1ARHLVE8lGys_m”

Hi @bsup,

are those 3 files .js or .ts files?

The file breaking the analysis is src/resources/assets/js/superbalist/controllers/product.js. Is it possible for you to share that one? Is that file utf8 encoded or is it one of the 3 which are not?


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Hi @victor.diez

Thank you so much, that helped us track down the issue on our end. We noticed strange line endings in that file. Removing them solved the problem and everything is working again.

They are displayed as <E2><80><A8> when doing a git diff after removing the characters.