Failing analysis ID: "cd860e3a-47cd-4f8a-a4b6-8c8818afe340"

We have problem with automatic analysis our repo.

Another failing analysis ID: “AX_0S7ELm5uPF08v2gz5”.

Hey there.

I’m having trouble finding the analyses you’ve mentioned. Were these recent analyses (within the last few days?)

We have troubles with autoscan, Sonar can’t process finish analysis and after 30 minutes throw this error with ID. Now we switched to manual scan, but autoscan is very useful and want use it if it’s possible

Hi @MultX , we want to check your problem but we need a recent analysis ID for a failing scenario. We tried to lookup using the one you provided, but we could not find anything. Maybe we are looking at the wrong date, but the best would be for you to enable autoscan once again, let an analysis fail and provide us with the ID and the exact date and time it failed.

Could you do that, please?