Failed analyses (see body)

    • AYtvpCQnQcNzlH9mpkfL
    • AYtvpFVsQcNzlH9mpkf4
    • AYtwrt0Si0AbdnGzcoaY

All three originate in the same Sonarcloud project/Github repository

Hello @janv8000

Can you share more info on what’s wrong? What error message do you get if you get any?
How is the analysis running? (autoscan? Github action? something else)

This will help us understand what is wrong and help you

Automatic Analysis is enabled in the Project Administration settings .

Stopped working 27 days ago??

Hi @janv8000,

Did you add/update a in your project?

Or, did you change/update the analysis scope of your project in:<INSERT_YOUR_PROJECT_ID>


No properties files present, scope looks ok to me? No exotic exclusions I believe?

Hi @janv8000,

If you look at this section (Ignore Issues on Muliple Criteria):

I think the rule key is incorrect, I think there is no rule csharpsquid:S101 (at least in my search)

The error we see in our logs is:

ERROR: Issue exclusions are misconfigured. File pattern is mandatory for each entry of 'sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria'

So, you need to add file path pattern, see Analysis Scope | SonarCloud Docs


I have reset the Ignore Issues configuration block. Now the automatic runs seem to be working again.

However I don’t find the UI to be very intuitive, it’s not very clear to me you have to enter a rule pattern and a file pattern.

Hi @janv8000,

Glad that it is working for you again.

Yes, I agree that the UI isn’t very clear, I reported it internally to my team and we will work on a fix.


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