The last analysis has failed ... analysis ID: "AXKcyT4DRtIKyB_Pik2A"

Onboarding to SonarCloud. Running a scan with maven plugin works fine on my local dev box. Fails consistently on our jenkins pipeline.

The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: “AXKcyT4DRtIKyB_Pik2A”.

Hi @giuliano_at_scalyr and welcome to the community!

Please go to the Administration / Background Tasks page, find the line with Status “FAILED”, click on the gear icon, and Show Error Details .
Please let us know if the error message there helps you understand and resolve the issue, or if not then what it is.

Thanks a lot

Hi, Vincent. The last two tasks succeeded. Task AXKcyT4DRtIKyB_Pik2A does not show up in the list of background tasks at all. At this time, my SonarCloud dashboard is telling that analysis AXKkVqzMpTm3pBcmlEPV has failed. Snapshot of my list of background tasks:

@Vince, ^^^^^

Sorry I wasn’t around recently. I’ll have a look today.

Hi Vince,

Not particularly happy with the lack of responsiveness. I’ve figured it out on my own. Sonar was lying. Those commits it was complaining about had no scan run. I have no idea why Sonar was then complaining that the scans failed. Closing this issue.

And, apparently I can not close an issue I opened. Can you please close this. Thanks.

Hi @giuliano_at_scalyr

The failed analysis you mentionned was a clonning issue (GitHub repository was not found by Autoscan), so it may have been probably a bad token or a connectivity issue. Don’t hesitate to come back to us if that appears again. Please note that we are currently working on improving the feedback from Autoscan for error.

Thank you.

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