Issues Suppressed in SonarQube are not Suppressed in SonarLint


We are running SonarLint Visual Studio in connected mode to our SonarQube server. There are a number of issues in our C# files that we have marked as Wont Fix or Removed. However these issues still appear in the SonarLint Error List when the file is open they show up as an error and when building.

If I suppress the issue in code then the suppression is respected, but we need it to respect the suppressions from the server too.

We are running the latest SonarQube on the server
SonarC#: 8.6.1

Any help is appreciated,

Hello @Cameron_Ray, welcome to the community :wave:

Which VS version are you using?

If it’s 2017 or 2019 - we are aware of this issue. Please feel free to view the github issue for more information.
We cannot commit on the exact fix date but you can expect it to be fixed in the next few releases.