SonarLint for Visual Studio v6.14 - Instant sync of SonarQube issue suppressions

Hello Visual Studio users,
the March release of SonarLint is available and focuses on improving the experience for user in connected mode with SonarQube.

When an issue is suppressed (i.e. marked as “Won’t Fix” or “False Positive") in SonarQube, the new issue status is now immediately synced and SonarLint stops reporting that issue in your code in a few seconds - without any actions needed from you - so that you can focus on the issues that matter in your code. Please note that, in order to benefit from this improvement, you’ll also need to upgrade your SonarQube to the at least the 9.6 version.

Last month we’ve introduced the in-IDE rule help to help you understand and fix your code issues without leaving your IDE. In v6.14, we’ve added a few improvements for users in connected mode, so that if you override the issue severity, or if you extend a rule description in SonarQube, that will also be available directly in Visual Studio.

On the .NET analysis side, we’ve added several new rules for C# and VB.NET, you can read the details here.
Finally, for our C and C++ users, we’ve added support for TI Arm Clang compiler.

The release notes are here.