SonarLint for Visual Studio v6.12 - Sync SonarQube issues for the relevant branch

Hello Visual Studio users,

SonarLint when used in connected mode synchronizes issue suppressions, i.e. issues resolved as “Won’t Fix” or “False Positive” in SonarQube (you can learn more about SonarQube issues lifecycle here). This way, you can focus on relevant issues only in your IDE.

As you know, SonarQube (Developer Edition and above) supports branch analysis, and you can for example resolve an issue as “Won’t Fix” on a specific project branch. The caveat is that SonarLint, until today, wasn’t aware of the project branch you are actually working on, so it was only able to sync issues from your project main branch in SonarQube.

With the latest release, SonarLint for Visual Studio adapts the issue synchronization to the Git branch you’re actually working with; and you’ve nothing to configure on your side, except making sure that your local project is bound to a SonarQube project.

On the limitations side, please be aware that, although SonarQube also supports Pull Request analysis, SonarLint is currently only syncing with a configured branch, and not will pull requests (we may introduce support for sync with pull request analysis later).

More good news for C++ developers: this release adds 13 new rules to help you make the best of C++20’s std::format feature.

You can find the full release notes here.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your feedback.


Thank you for your dedication to SonarLint. This has been embraced and adopted by all departments. Our last release, had the best quality Metrix.

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