Issues - Filename SearchFilter Bug?

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Search by File finds less than expected

Search by File finds all relevant Files

The observation was made in SQ-Server 8.4.minorversion and 8.5.minorversion scanning java code with gradle scanner running in java 8.

More detailed description

I would like to describe a behaviour we currently observe when trying to filter our issues by using the File (- Filter? How do you name the different selectors?)

  • For something under development we created a second version for a $component.
  • The new Component is aptly named $componentV2

Please observe what happens in the File Filter display box when you enter $component and what happens when you continue to add V2 to filter for $componentV2 (see screenshots hidden below)

The displayed amount of Results found does not match the expected amount of Entries for componentV2 (you can observe these in the former hidden screenshot for component)

My expectation would be to at least see more than one result when extending the searched for expression by adding V2 to $component

$component - Filefilter results Screenshot"

$componentV2 - Filefilter results Screenshot"

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Ahh … i have an idea … just as i re-proof-read my post … i start to think about elasticsearch index related stuff … there was something about resetting these. let me see how i find out how to do that and try it out…

No, stopping SQ, deleting data/es6 directory, restarting SQ and wait for reindexing did not change behaviour :cry:

Hi Daniel

We actually only search on filename and not on path. We have mistakenly highlight the path and we have fixed it in version 8.7

Let me know if you have other questions,


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Hello @Mathieu_Suen and thank you for your feedback! I will have a look at 8.7 and maybe come back here again :wink: :+1:

If i may suggest … could you separate the path from filename in the list somehow? (e.g. put the path in mouseover and only display filename in list)

Reason: In the pictures you documented in SONAR-14304 one can clearly see that with found files in longer/deeper nested paths the actual filename is often cut off and not shown completely.

Separating filename from path would make the filename that the filter is actually applied to much more visible in my opinion.

TYFC (made that up … thank you for consideration :))


//edit: fixed typo

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