Filtering Issues by File

Hello there,

i would like to ask for some guidance concerning the right use of the “File” Filter Element in the Issues Browser shown here? Maybe someone could shed some light on the possible Range of inputs and their consequences concerning the results?
Can i use regexes like in e.g. ignorefilters? In the link below in the PS you can find a perceived problem with this filter

Cheers and TIA!

P.S.: I already tried to explain my current problem here, but sadly that was kinda swept under the rug of new posts? It would be nice to know if it would be addressed or recognized - even when behind the curtain.


In fact, your original post was not lost in the shuffle. It has been assigned to someone for investigation.


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Hi Ann,

ty for feedback!

Actually i have felt rather unintellent (pun intended) when realizing that there is a companion search filter for directories right above this one for filenames.

But neither filtered the right amount of results in my case. I am also already sorry for not being able to supply our code as testcase for this scenario. It might be not easy to reproduce if it “just works” out of the box :confused: